Wholesome Living We make sure that all our activities are intensively in order to achieve the WHOLESOME LIVING through our community.


We are dedicated to improve the happiness and better life of
our producers and consumers.
We make sure that all our activities are implemented expeditiously and intensively in order to achieve the "WHOLESOME LIVING" through our community.

At our shop, Asakusa Farm, offers "highest-quality, healthier foods" to our customers.

At Asakusa Farm, we believe that food is the most directly connected to the impact on our health; Hence, it is important for us to offer and serve greater, healthier food to you and to strive to exceed your expectations.

We actively engage in sincere and highly transparent communication with "producers" who supply "high quality" food throughout Japan.
We continually establish the strong, positive relationships in trust between "producers" and "community".
We strive to maximize the happiness value of each side.

In order to achieve each customers' "Wholesome Living", we continue delivering the information of foods to domestically and internationally.

  • We take a holistic responsibility-related approach to sourcing high quality foods and communicating with social conscience information to our "consumer" for their "Wholesome Living,"

  • We have believed in supporting our "producers" possible including responsible purchasing practices.

  • We approach to global market throught supplying Japanase valued agricultural products as our core value, "Wholesome Living."



At our shop, Asakusa Farm, offers “highest­quality, healthier  foods" to our customers.
Asakusa Farm, we believe that food is the most directly connected to the impact on our health; Hence, it is important for us to offer and serve greater, healthier food to you and to strive to exceed your expectations. ASAKUSA FARM

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